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The Centre for Counselling, Research and Empowering Community (CoRE) first started life as a subsidiary social department for Tea Talk Vietnam Social Enterprise – and was responsible for the organization and administration of all social-related events and activities.

As Tea Talk Vietnam grew – so too did the need for a more efficient and larger scaled management and administrative entity. So, in November 2013 CoRE officially gained NGO status and has since become the driving force behind all Tea Talk Vietnam’s activities and operations.

Our Vision

CoRE’s vision is simple, yet profound. We aim to enhance the well-being of the local Hanoian community by making psycho-educational services accessible through the use of innovative and culturally engaging platforms. We envisage a society brought together by the love and admiration they have for themselves and their peers – whereby personal growth can be achieved through the mediums of discussion and activities.

Our Values

Our values are perhaps what make us so unique. What lies at the heart of CoRE is an innate desire to help one person at a time – and, in doing so, we are able to hear each and every story. Unlike many other organizations, CoRE firmly believes that personal development – in its most evocative sense, happens at an entirely individual level. By building meaningful connections with each person that walks through the doors at Tea Talk, we hope that society as a whole will be brought closer together.

Without trust and friendship, society simply cannot exist – which is why honesty and transparency remain intrinsic to CoRE’s values. If we remain truthful about our goals, our expectations and our outcomes then the bonds thaet we create throughout our journey will remain steadfast for eternity. By garnering a philosophy of openness, we hope to bring out the same characteristic in those that we meet along the way – thus breaking down personal barriers that would have previously seemed impenetrable.

In essence, voice is what CoRE values the most - the voice of each person that we meet. Through encouraging others to share their story, we are actively encouraging the development and empowerment of the community as well as the individual.

Who is CoRE for?

The Centre for Counseling, Research & Empowering Community (CoRE) provides learning and development activities for people of all ages and social backgrounds.

Our primary focus is building people up at a micro-level – which is something that can only be achieved through engaging the whole community. Educational programs such as “Let’s Talk”, “Skill Me Up” and “Three Cups of Tea Library” are open to various ages as we firmly believe in intellectual growth as a unified movement.


For instance, CoRE’s flagship service “Let’s Talk” offers training to Hanoians of 18 years of age and above that are hoping to learn or begin a career in the psychotherapeutic industry. Although the content will perhaps seem more appealing to the younger Vietnamese generation – there have been several cases where men and women of the 30 years of age and over have gone on to not only complete the course, but to excel in every capacity.

Furthermore, CoRE’s other psychotherapeutic program: CoRE Counselling Service provides help and support to members of the public that are experiencing emotional challenges. The on-going project provides a safe and welcoming environment for children, adults, families and victims of abuse that wish to regain emotional balance and mental well-being.

As well as on-going projects, CoRE also provides workshops and events at various points throughout the year that cater to each and every sphere of the community. In May 2015, in partnership with Shine Hanoi, CoRE hosted a series of seminars aimed at promoting and sustaining the empowerment of women. By addressing the stigmatic nature of discourse surrounding Vietnamese women – Shine Hanoi and CoRE were able to bring women’s rights into the mainstream and help accelerate the process of gender equality.

CoRE has even hosted workshops for career coaching (Discover What You’re Best At), Family relationship (My Time – My Family) and community health (Basic on Community Health). Thus, we pride ourselves on our devotion to the community as a whole – leaving no social group ignored or undervalued.

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