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A friend that sticks closer than a brother.

Friends.  We all need friends.   Some friends are good.  Some are bad.  Some comes and goes like a breeze.  Some comes because they saw something I have but they don't.  Then they go because they discover that I don't have it either.  Others came and went away after getting what they needed. But I have a friend who sticks closer that a brother.  A friend who stayed knowing that I do not have much to offer.  A friend who stood in the gap when other fails.  A friend who stayed when others went away.  My friend in William Tan.  A friend indeed. My good old friend.  I am the good friend and he is the old one.

My good old friend William is on the right.  
On 3rd September, William celebrate his birthday.  I would like to wish him today because I want to be the first to wish him.  Well, you don't know William.  He does not want praises.  He hides behind doing good but appears like a bad guy in front of others.   He stood up for me when others misjudged me. He took the blame for my wrong. He serves when everyone is asleep.  Driving me and my family countless times to the airport in the wee hours of the morning.  He gave sacrificially, not wanting recognition.  He stayed in wake with me when my eldest brother Steven pass away. He visited my parents on my behalf when I am too far way.  He visited my dad in the hospital when I am still on the plane rushing home to visit my dad.  He gave me advice when I am down.  He puts across the truth in the most simple way.  He has no air about himself.  He may hate my for writing this blog to honor him.  But again, William is so forgiving. I sit here at my apartment in Vietnam thinking.  Wow, what a blessing it is for me to have a friend like him. Happy Birthday, my dear friend.

April / Author & Editor

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