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What's so special about Christmas?

Christmas is a special day.  I guess most, if not all, knew that it is the birthday of the baby Jesus.  But why so much fuss over this very baby?  What is so special about Him?

Christmas is a special season, I guess, most, if not all, do not know that a person very close to my heart was born around this time.  Want to guess?  No, not my wife though she is very close to my heart.  No, neither is it my daughter.  It is my brother Kek Kong, also known as Steven. He was born on Christmas day too.  What is so special about him?

My eldest brother Steven was born on 26th December 1957.  He was 12 year old and 21 days older than me. My parents had 4 sons and 3 daughters at that time. When my parents wanted to sell my off so as reduce the financial burden, Steven intervened and promised that he will see to it that I be support through my education. To make ends meet, steven quitted school.  He worked in construction sites, laying cement for some of the skyscrapers we have today in Singapore. He worked hard, took part-time courses, and at the age of 30 became a computer systems operation manager.  In 1991, when Michael enrolled at the National University of Singapore, Department of Social Work and Psychology, Steven bought him his first computer and paid for  Michael’s university tuition, thus fulfilling his promise to see Michael through his education. The stress of supporting the family took a heavy toil on Steven.  At 44, Steven die of kidney failure, the effects of long term unhealthy use of alcohol.  Steven sacrificed for the family, so that I, his little brother may live.  He paid the price so that I may enjoy the better life.

In the same way, the Christmas story is similar to my brother Steven’s story.  Jesus paid the price by dying for mine sins.  He die so that I may live.  I guess that is why Christmas is so special.   

The Ong Family

Kek Kong and Chye Hong
Chye Hong, Kek Kong, Kek Eng
& Chye Kheng
Steven's & Alice's Wedding

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