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May, A New Chapter

Summer has come to every corner in Hanoi. If you are in the area of Tran Duy Hung street, don't forget to drop by Tea Talk for a cup of coffee and share with us your summer stories.

The Ong family has begun their transition for their move to America. Michael and Jacqueline are going to the US this summer to enroll daughter Grace at Calvin College in Michigan, and then move to Minnesota where they will be based for a year of debriefing, writing, and planning after 16 years of dedication to Vietnam.
This transition also means that Michael officially stepped down from all management work at Tea Talk. Our Social Enterprise is now managed by a new Board of Directors that includes Mrs Thuy Trang (Executive Director), Mrs Thu Ha (Business Director) and Ms Thu Huong (Communications & Operations Director).

The Ong Family has been in Hanoi for 16 years
Inspired by the visit and activities of our friends from Australia, Saturday Fun started in the middle of April 2017 as our latest program for kids from 3-10 years old. The purpose is to provide a place for kids and their parents to play together through a variety of kids crafts. Through these activities, parents and kids can have fun and understand more about each other. With different topics each week, kids will learn how to use different materials properly and creatively. Tea Talk's family room has gradually become a regular place for our young friends to socialize and experience new things. 

Saturday Fun's little participants

This month, together with Let's Share, the newest weekly session, Let's Chat, was launched. Now, every Tuesday and Thursday, friends can visit Tea Talk to not only improve their English, but what's more, grow in areas of critical thinking and life skills. Let's Chat started off with the topic of "What is Success?" in relation to how our Tea Talk founder, Michael Ong, views success at Tea Talk and in life. The next topic was a two-parter, spreading out over two weeks, where Let's Chat teacher and facilitator Presley McFadden took the students into "Adventures in Dating", and explored conflict management within his own relationship with wife Mary in their dating days. The topics have been relevant and fun, and have given opportunity for students to practice some of the basic elements of speaking and pronunciation. We look forward to more fun times of chatting (Tuesdays) and sharing (Thursdays) each week!

"Let's Talk PLUS" provided a special Team Bonding event for the first time, with select students from throughout the Let's Talk generations. It was conducted by CoRE together with Mrs Gwen Johnson. This event was such a great opportunity for LetsTalkers to improve relationships with each another as well as build an effective support network in mental health care. The team bonding was even more significant since it was one of the last activities Gwen hosted in Vietnam before leaving in June for her home country. Thank you Gwen so much for your continuous support towards our work over the past 3 years. You will be missed!

April / Author & Editor

Trung tâm Tham vấn, Nghiên cứu và Phát triển Cộng đồng (CoRE) là tổ chức phi chính phủ, phi lợi nhuận được thành lập năm 2013, hoạt động dưới sự bảo trợ của Doanh nghiệp Xã hội Tea Talk Việt Nam.

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